Tip #976: 11 Practical Tips to Film Yourself

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Tip #976: 11 Practical Tips to Film Yourself

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It doesn’t take a lot of gear, but planning helps.

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This article, written by Joe Frederick, first appeared in PremiumBeat.com. This is a summary.

As production equipment has become more accessible, the amount of people looking to regularly film themselves is on the rise. However, there’s a real art to filming yourself successfully. Here are some tips from Jonty Egginton (“The Video Creators”) and Sarah Outen (Filmmaker).

  1. Use the Right Camera
  2. Stabilize the Camera
  3. Get Quality Audio
  4. Control Your Lighting
  5. Film in 4K
  6. Go with Multiple Cameras
  7. Be Creative
  8. Be Natural
  9. Re-Watch Your Previous Videos
  10. Edit Your Videos Yourself
  11. Know How and Where to Distribute Videos

The article has more details and example videos to illustrate these points.

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