Tip #1664: Add & Trim Captions

… for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip #1664: Add & Trim Captions

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

The latest version of Premiere now treats captions like clips.

To trim a caption, drag an edge.

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One of the new features in Premiere Pro is the ability to trim captions like clips.

One you add a caption track (Sequence > Captions > Add New Caption Track), you can add captions into the track similar to how you add clips into the timeline. (Sequence > Captions > Add Caption at Playhead)

NOTE: The Caption Track is simply a container that holds captions. The captions themselves are treated similar to video clips.

To trim a caption, grab an edge and drag. Just as with clips, ripple trimming a caption (the yellow trim tool) pulls up or pushes down all following captions. While roll trimming a caption (the red trim tool) adjusts the start or end of a caption without affecting the position of any other captions.

To change the text in a caption, select it, then change the text in the Caption panel.

NOTE: If the Captions panel is not showing, double-click a caption to display it; it is not included in the list of panels in the Windows menu.

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